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M. Sinclair

International Bestselling Author

A Chicago native, parent to 3 cats, and lover of all things bubbly. She can be found writing or thinking about writing nearly every moment of the day.


Currently, in love with the Reverse Harem genre, she plans to publish an array of works that are considered romance, suspense, and horror within the year.


M. Sinclair lives by the notion that there is enough room for all types of heroines in this world and being saved is as important as saving others. If you love fantasy romance, obsessive possessive alpha males, and tough FMCs, then M. Sinclair is for you!


Just remember to love cats... that's not negotiable.


This is the first book I’ve read from this author and it was amazing!! Her character development is fantastic, you really feel like you’re getting to know each one of the guys.

Descendant of Chaos,

Buy this book absolutely outstanding I can't wait to find out what happens next , this book will pull you in and you won't be sorry.

Broken House,

The author managed to create the perfect atmosphere, mixing the love and loyalty that is clear in every action and conversation with a plot that makes us want to find out more.

Raven Blood,


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